FSG Technologies is committed to leveraging state-of-the-art process and combustion know-how to deliver solutions that minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities.

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FSG cuts GHG emissions by 15%, and virtually eliminates the use of harmful chemicals compared to existing technologies.



FSG technology will cut water wastage by 70 to 80%, by delivering a water recycling ratio of 95%.


FSG technology will lower capital expenditures by 10 to 25% and operating expenditures by 5 to 15%, thus reducing the financial risk associated with these projects.

Increased availability

FSG aims to produce the most available steam generators, means more bitumen production leading to higher revenue/year.

Design efficiencies

FSG’s new process delivers a tenfold decrease in downtime compared to current production methods.

More flexibility

The more flexible project models allowed by FSG technology will help the oil sands industry recover, boosting the economy.

Industry buzz

Cenovus and Nexen, two of the leading SAGD producers, have been vocal in their support for FSG through Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA).


The Technology

Key industry players have identified FSG as the most promising replacement solution for steam generation. The FSG Technologies team is focused on designing, supplying and maintaining new solutions for steam generation. FSG Technologies understands the industry’s need to be innovative, environmentally responsible and profitable.